October 2019: Edinburgh InSpires?

9th – 24th October 2019: Edinburgh InSpires? An exhibition of photography with Crisis.

ArtSquat partnered with Crisis to showcase the work of six photographers with experience of homelessness, at St Mary’s Cathedral in Edinburgh’s West End. The group met for six weeks prior to the exhibition to develop their work.

As a result of the exhibition the photography group have further opportunities to exhibit at Brigend Farm and Coburg House. The establishment of the exhibition photography group by Crisis gave artists confidence in the quality of their work and has encouraged the group to continue to develop their skills. The exhibition also raised public awareness of homelessness and its impact through the stories of the artists themselves and their portrayal of an Edinburgh set apart from the tourist view.

The exhibition was open for two weeks and the historic location attracted visitors from all over the world. Some quotes from members of the public:

  • ‘Very remarkable photographs. I enjoyed the experience. I’m familiar with many of the locations but enjoyed seeing them from a different perspective.’
  • ‘Great exhibition, love the photos. Fantastic work guys!’
  • ‘Loved Angie’s ‘sleeping in the gardens is scary’ – great photo.’
  • ‘Brilliant photographs, a fantastic mix of light, colour and shapes. Well done to all the artists.’
  • ‘Such talent. Thank you – what a great pleasure.’
  • ‘Some really nice photos of a wide range of places and subjects. Well done everyone!’
  • ‘Lovely exhibition, very unique shots of Edinburgh.’
  • ‘Thank you for the beautiful exhibition. I really enjoyed seeing Edinburgh through the artists’ eyes. Thank you for sharing a bit of you through the photographs. Thank you for the beauty of your art. I wish you all the very best and I hope you continue making art.’
  • ‘Tells a story. Would be interesting to meet with the photographers and hear their journey. Thanks.’
  • ‘Well done. I work in a refuge for the homeless in Australia. This is a great way to highlight need.’ ‘Great work. Good idea to raise awareness of homelessness.’

Acknowledgements: Special thanks goes to staff of Crisis, in particular James Gilfillan and Jenny Bell, St Mary’s Cathedral office manager Rosemary Kaye, verger Andy and Provost John McLuckie, David Bishop, photographer, who took pictures of the exhibition and our amazing volunteer curators Eileen Taylor and Yota Dimitriou. Last but not least a huge thank you to Colin, John, Angie, Ian, Bram and Kairen for your inspirational photographs and the hard work you put in to make this exhibition a success.