Rachel Stewart

Rachel is a narrative artist, writer and facilitator based in Edinburgh. She is a passionate advocate for using images and animation to bring people’s experiences to life, collaborating with individuals, families, and communities to preserve and share their stories. Rachel designs and makes learning tools and props for educational establishments and global community outreach projects. Her illustrations have been used in stage design for charitable productions. Rachel launched her business ‘Woolly Gran’ with the support of the Prince’s Trust in 2017 and exhibited with ArtSquat in 2018. She can be found on Instagram @woollygran and on her website at www.woollygran.com.

Carl Whetham

Carl is an established freelance photographer based in Tbilisi, Georgia. Carl supported the development of ArtSquat through an exhibition for our launch event ‘Spirit of Kathmandu’ in August 2018 at Coburg House. He donated his photographs to the Himalayan Centre in Edinburgh, plus profits to the Nepal Scotland Association and post recovery projects in Nepal.

For me, photography has always been more than simply taking pictures. I use my camera as a tool to help me explore the world around me in greater depth, and as a means to engage with people – to discover more about humanity’s cultural diversity, and to empower others to tell their own stories in their own words.


Sally Richardson

Sally Richardson features Edinburgh colony life for her inspirational colourful paintings in oil and acrylic. Sally’s own life experiences and her personal journey drew her to art and she captures the city’s inhabitants and daily experiences through her work. Sally exhibited with ArtSquat at ‘3 Unframed’ in February 2019.

Leamne Arias Deniz

Leamne’s artistic career started in Puerto Rico with a collection of watercolours and collage postcards. She participated in ‘Bravas’ an exhibition for International Women’s Day and ‘Art against bullying’ at the Abraham Lincoln school. Leanne’s’ urban sketches represent her vision of a world full of hope, texture and different shapes. Leanne exhibited at our ‘Scotland Art from the City’ exhibition in October 2018. She was supported by the Prince’s Trust as a young artist and is looking forward to developing her artistic enterprise.

Kishor Dangol

Kishor Dangol began his career as a photojournalist in Nepal in 1991 and lives in Kathmandu. He spent 12 years working in Scotland as Chairman of the Scottish Nepali Council and as a translator. He was active in raising awareness of environmental issues and regularly volunteered for beach cleanups, promoting the beauty of the Scottish landscape through his photography.

Kishor’s photography brings attention to matters of social justice and fosters links between people of different backgrounds. His work featured in our Spirit of Kathmandu exhibition in August 2018, showing the people of Nepal in the face of the most destructive earthquake in recent history.


Rhidian exhibited his unique and powerful acrylics, oils and line drawings at our ‘3 Unframed’ exhibition at the ‘Hand Made Factory’ in February 2019. He used his experiences of mental ill health to develop as an artist and to rediscover creativity through his personal journey. ArtSquat was very sad indeed to learn of Rhidian’s death in the summer of 2019 – we benefitted as a charity from his talent, enthusiasm and his commitment to giving vulnerable people a voice.

Timea Csakvari

Timea was born in Budapest at a time of severe restrictions on members of the Eastern Bloc. After showing early artistic promise in Hungary, her dreams were set aside for 20 years before she made the journey to Edinburgh and resumed her creative studies. Timea exhibited at our mental health and wellbeing exhibition ‘3 Unframed’ in February 2019.


dB used his experience of homelessness on the streets of Edinburgh to create a unique portfolio of photographs of the places he slept in, capturing the isolation of a hidden city. He exhibited these as part of our ‘Home’ exhibition in June 2019. dB was supported through the Crisis Skylight project in Edinburgh to showcaseR his work with ArtSquat.

Sam Cook

Sam is from Australia and made Edinburgh his home a year ago. He recently completed his PhD and is also studying Scottish Gaelic. Sam exhibited at our ‘Home’ exhibition. His watercolours and line drawings explored his journey through depression to find an inner ‘home’.

Ellie Clarke

Ellie is an artist and yoga teacher based in Edinburgh. Her series of mixed media and acrylic paintings, depicting the journey of conception, pregnancy and motherhood, featured in our ‘Home’ exhibition. Ellie explored the concept of the womb as home and the relationship with water as a source of life on earth.